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88 Series product introduction

  Moon profile 88 Sliding series, relatively belongs to a higher sliding series, which is suitable for small high-rise and high-rise buildings, more excellent performance, use is more extensive.

Product Feature

  *The section bar of frame adopt the designs between the two kinds of wall thickness of 2.5mm and 2.2mm, unique four chamber design, to ensure better insulation performance, in line with the relevant national energy policy trends.

  *window sash sectional material with a variety of cross section structure, two different drainage hole drainage way, European standard slot and non European groove structure design, assembling the doors and windows of different grades, to meet the various needs of customers.

  *Through the integral frame to realize the design of a whole window, the convex platform of the splicing part is eliminated, the overall feeling is stronger, and the decoration construction is convenient.

  *The 62 section bar can be used with 88 series on fans designs which can support the use of two track profile design, make indoor partition and ideal profile of sliding door.