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  Guolun plastic industry consider the talents as the fundamental driving force in the development of the company, we respect for talent as important drivers of the development of the company, we regard our employees and common development as the strategic direction of the development for the company. Adhering to the "people-oriented, cooperative and win-win" concept of talent to provide a stage for all kinds of talents to display their talent, and actively create a "happy work, results oriented environment for the growth of talent, and promote the common development of enterprises and employees, and employees to share the fruits of development companies and create excellence and share the success!

  We consider our staff is an important asset to our company, so we believe Guolun plastic can achieve great successes and more in future.

  1、talent conception

  "People can be trained." What is "training" and "training" is more concerned about him, but also can not go every day to pay attention, because a tree, the water more dead, less water, but also dead, how to pay attention to is art. What is the support? "The" is failure to give him the opportunity, the chance of success brought him, you have to look at, not to let his beating, can't let him a lifetime can not breathe. "

  2、personal strategy

  "Any successful business is to conquer the world by the team, rather than relying on personal heroism."

  In round plastic leadership can recognize the strengths of others, understand their own shortcomings and areas in need of help. To make up for each other's attitude is very important, otherwise there will be resentment and conflict, which is the key to a team.

  3、Retention strategy

  Use Alibaba left Sibao: vision attract executives; the cause and the treatment to keep the middle; invariant compensation and benefits the stability of the staff; injection of employees emotional bank.