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65 series product introduction

   Moon shaped extrusion open series 65, meet the national class A and class B two wall thickness, large section and large wall thickness design, to ensure the strength of the doors and windows, multi cavity type, three seal structure, meet the requirements of the national energy-saving policy 75%, is the best choice for alpine and high-grade construction, is a flat open window of the nobility.

Product Feature

  * European standard U slot design, 13 series hardware accessories, you can achieve a variety of ways to open, safe anti-theft, enhance the whole window bearing capacity.

  *two different sections of the window sash can choose, achieve different decorative effect, to be put in the water open fan to solve the cold regions for ordinary plastic fan a freezing, causing sash etc. problem.

  *profiles of the four cavities, five chamber structure, three seal design, built-in rubber soft sealing structure, three / two sealing and convenient conversion, taking into account the energy-saving insulation and processing efficiency, so that the doors and windows of the water and gas separation, insulation, watertight performance better superior.

  *It can realize wind resistance level 8, the heat transfer coefficient K=1.8w/ (M - K), the insulation performance of the 7 standards, the superior performance of Rw=35dB insulation.