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60 series product introduction

  The profiles of flat open 60 series is the typical European style, is a classic of plastic doors and windows in the Chinese. The series can be divided into Deluxe 60, B60 and three of the 60 categories, with multiple sections, multi wall thickness, high cost performance characteristics.

Products features

  *Our products can be with a wide variety of types of doors and windows, family members, including a fixed window, a hundred pages of bed, the inside of the window, open the window, flat open window, open the door, the variety of our products can satisfy all of your needs.

  *Our products can be made according to different layering configurations into a single glass, double glass, glass doors and windows, which can meet all kinds of requirements on the insulation properties under different environment temperature.

  *Our products can be produced with an independent drainage cavity, which can enhance the steel lining cavity, completely isolating cavity, prolong the service life of the steel reinforced, and also improve the insulation performance.

  *Deluxe Series 60, circular arc design, the rounded shape of the elegant, four chamber, three seal structure, ensure that doors and windows energy saving coefficient can be larger than 2.0W/m²·K, which is applicable to sealing and energy-saving requirements higher places and high-rise buildings.